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Golf Buggies Scotland- How The Golfing Scene Has Changed

Golf Buggies Scotland- How The Golfing Scene Has Changed

Golf Buggies Scotland – A Brief History

Golf Buggies are an invention that changed the nature of golf and how it can be played. it brought both advantages to the game.  The Golf buggy first made an appearance around the 1930s when it was designed for people with disabilities. However Golf bugBie sales never really became significant until the 1970s when the market became very competitive. By this point rather than just one Golf Buggie there were dozens of different makes, models and brands selling them.  Gas powered golf carts were originally the main attraction however now electric and gas golf buggies are equally as popular as each other.  Across mainly the US golf buggies are used often outside a golf course in small communities to get around town or large complexes such as warehouses or ranches. The UK enjoyed the introduction of the Golf Buggies Scotland in particular , especially as its rugged landscape can be particularly harsh in poor weather and takes time and energy to traverse even in good conditions.

Golf Buggies Scotland

Golf Buggies Scotland- What Are The Advantages

  • There are several different advantages for Scotland to having golf buggies across the country at its courses.
  • Golf Buggies are an essential asset for golf officials to get across the course at large professional competitions  such as the Scottish open
  • As well as transporting people Golf Buggies can also be adapted to transport clubs and other equipment across the Golf Course saving crucial time and energy which can be better spent throughout the course
  • Golf Buggies are an excellent aid for those who are elderly or disabled and play Golf as it enables them to travel further distances playing golf and allows them to take a break and easily traverse the course.
  • Scotland’s rough terrain makes Golf Buggies a vital asset to be considered when golfing

Golf Buggies Scotland

Golf Buggies Scotland – Driver advice

For Golf Buggie drivers there is a variety of advice online as to how to drive , where to drive and what to carry. Some clubs even go to such lengths as to publish a full policy on the use of Golf buggies in and around the grounds of their golf club. Here are some helpful tips we have come up with for Golf Buggies in Scotland.

  1. Be wary of weather conditions when using a Golf Buggie on a golf course. If it has rained heavily or is due to rain heavily there is a risk that the Buggie may get stuck or become dangerous to operate due to the uneven and slippy surface.
  2. Be equally conscious about warmer weather on the course and if in doubt speak to a member of staff of the golf club about driving over the course during very warm periods. Tyre marks and turf/ground damage can occur if the ground is dried out too much and a number of Buggies are travelling over it.
  3. Try and travel across less travelled areas of the course to reduce overall damage to the ground. Always be alert on the Golf Buggie and lookout for other players when moving through different areas of the course.