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iGaming Jobs Malta: Where Would You Like To Take Your Career?

iGaming Jobs Malta: Where Would You Like To Take Your Career?

With major changes being made in the online gambling arena, maybe it’s time for a career change. You could try iGaming jobs Malta. The USA iGaming market is just in its early days, but Malta already has a well-established online gambling industry. If you are thinking about it, we have found some of the best jobs available right now. They range from gambling-related jobs to jobs in sales. The industry is flourishing.

Find out now if a change to iGaming jobs Malta could be on the cards.


Arty? If you are an artist that works to a professional level, we have found the job for you. Gaming experience and proficiency in Photoshop will help you here. The job will include creating concept sketches and designs for environments and characters to a superior level of skill. It will be a benefit for you if you are not limited by style and can produce a wide variety of work in your portfolio.

iGaming Jobs Malta

Head of Casino

Do you happen to have a deep knowledge of Casinos and gambling? This position will work with almost all other departments. They will combine their knowledge with a meticulous eye for detail. The aim will be to analyse, test and optimise the online gambling products. It will include identification of market’s needs, creating new product features, research and building relationships with partners. Sound like the job for you?

Sales Director

Love to travel? This position offers up to 30% of your year as travelling. If you are a fantastic communicator with experience in software sales then you are in with a chance. This position will help build your experience in sales and give you the opportunity to work on initiating and executing deals, negotiations and taking the product to the European market.

Games Mathematician

Love gaming yourself? Why not help to make games fun and smooth to play. Games mathematicians work on the mechanics of the game and build in-depth mathematical modelling and gameplay to ensure the game works for both the business and the player. Being able to program in Java and JavaScript is essential and you will need to have an eagle eye to spot small mathematical errors in models.

Sports Trader

If you’re into your sports and sports betting, this job is right up your street. Monitor pre-match and live bets on a huge range of sports and attempt to build customer profiles. This job takes a lot of commitment as the sports department work around the clock, but if you love the field and you have great communication skills then you will blossom in this position.

iGaming Jobs Malta

Where To Find iGaming Jobs Malta

If any of this sounds up your street, have a look at Betting Jobs. They are a specialist recruitment and headhunting website who focus on the online gambling industry. Their selection of iGaming jobs Malta are outstanding and will help you find the perfect job, and company, for you.