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Is Coronavirus Going Away?

Is Coronavirus Going Away?

The Coronavirus has completely shaken up the modern world, from the developed countries in the west to developing countries across the world, everyone has been affected by this new virus.

Yes it is a new virus and yes this means that it poses several risks to the public, but people die from viruses all the time, so what exactly is going on here?

Well the fact that it is a completely new virus means that we have no data on it and no idea of the kind of potential it has to affect human beings.

This has led to a rather conservative approach from countries all over the world, which in truth has been exasperated by the media outlets of the world.

But now across the world, the infection rate, or ER as it is know, has started to decline, and in many places it is now below 1, which means that if it remains there it will eventually die out.

Up until now though, there have been tens of thousands of deaths in the UK alone, and hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, so it is still important that we manage the situation carefully.

People over the age of 70 are particularly vulnerable still, and there are concerns for pregnant women who have been told to self isolate for up to 12 weeks.

As things start to open back up, people are starting to ask when exactly the virus will disappear.

But this is a completely pointless question, because the fact of the matter is that this new virus is very much part of our world now.

It will likely never go away, it can only be contained and managed.

Perhaps a better question to ask is when is the world going back to normal?

The answer to this is still uncertain, and it may never go back to normal.