Home BusinessReading Up On Pallet Lifters: The Story Behind The Forklift
Reading Up On Pallet Lifters: The Story Behind The Forklift

Reading Up On Pallet Lifters: The Story Behind The Forklift

Pallet lifters have revolutionised the materials handling industry over many years. Under many guises, this essential piece of equipment has been developed thoroughly. Pallet lifters have a long and winding history, which is what we are looking at today. Years of research and development have led to the pallet lifters being what they are today. They have saved time and strain on the materials handling industry. If you are in the warehousing or materials handling industry then you may find this interesting.

Read on to find out the full story behind pallet lifters, the humble forklift.

Significance Of Pallets

Pallets have been a major step in the materials handling industry. Not only are they a really effective and efficient way of storing goods, they also have other benefits. Due to their effective storage solution, they reduce transport costs significantly. This is because more goods can be stored in tighter spaces.

Pallets also promote supply chain efficiency. They make sure the transfer from manufacturer to the retailer is as smooth as possible. They can be counted and stored more efficiently than goods without pallets.

All of this helps with distribution, all while being an extremely low-cost solution.

Pallet Lifters

The Origins Of Pallet Lifters

Pallet lifters were the obvious next step when pallets grew in popularity. The efficiency of pallets would not be what it is today without having an effective way to transport the goods in-house.

Pallet lifters have their origins in ‘baggage trucks’ which have been around since the 1900s. During the 30 years that followed, many different adaptations of pallet lifters were created. From the early 1930s onwards, we began to see a more recognisable version of pallet lifters.

Pallet lifters come with many names and levels of functionality.  Pallet trolleys area the most basic in the range, which works up to electric pallet trucks. These machines are also known as pump trucks, pallet stacks, pallet movers, among some others.

pallet lifters

Why This Machinery Is So Necessary

As mentioned before, the pallet is brilliant but without the capability to transport it from A to B, it becomes more of a hindrance. Pallet lifters have changed the way that warehouses work and made it far easier for staff to do their job. They have become an essential part of industrial work. Whether you are lifting extremely heavy or relatively light loads, the pallet lifters will always make the job easier. Find out now if pallet lifters could help your business.