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Event Staffing Solutions- The Wider Impact

Event Staffing Solutions- The Wider Impact


Within the gig and event industry professional Event Staffing Solutions are essential to ensure that a gig , festival or event runs smoothly and efficiently. There are a number of different types of event staffing that can assist with events such as Production crews , security , hospitality staff , medical staff , Ticket sellers and stewards.  In order to source effective Event Staffing Solutions companies need to be able to source the best staff and to do this they normally find companies to use based on their reputation. Reputation and reliability plays a key role within this industry and can make the difference between contracts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Event Staffing Solutions

Forms Of Event Staffing Solutions

As previously aforementioned , Event Staffing Solutions can be compromised of a variety of different roles and companies that all need to work together to ensure that the overall event runs effectively.

One such form of staffing solution needed is

  • Security- Security is a key component at any event from a small concert to music festival or private dinner. Security is often overlooked on done on the cheap by some companies in order to cut costs. This can be a risky tactic as cheap or unreliable contractors often fail to meet the basic needs of their staff which can mean staff may have poor training , a lack of drive to perform their role and lack of guidance or communication from their management. This is especially important at festivals as the welfare of festival goers is important to the company in charge and they will normally only award a contract to the company that can perform the role most effectively.
  • Another form of event staffing solution is production crew- production crews among the most important staff members when it comes to event staffing solutions. Production crews are responsible for the setting up and taking down of sets as well as ensuring bands can play during the concert without any faults or issues with sound. In addition to this production crew often liaise with artists as well as build parts of the fan villages and overall festival/concert venue.
  • Medical staff are a further integral part of any concert or festival. Having skilled and reliable medical staff is essential for any parent company running a festival or concert to ensure that the right people are on the ground to provide emergency care and first aid when called upon. Unfortunately there have been stories in the past of poorly trained medics without radios failing to locate people who had overdosed on drugs which ultimately meant that people died due to poor communication. The Parent Company of a festival or concert also has a duty of care to its customers and this is a further reason why medical staff are essential
Event Staffing Solutions

What Are The Wider Implications Of Event Staffing Solutions

Event staff can have a number of wider implications on the area that they are working in which can be both positive and negative. One way in which event staff can leave a positive legacy is interacting well with concert or festival goers in a certain area.  When the local community feels engaged with a big event in its area it can help boost community morale and also lead to the concert or festival returning and creating a positive legacy. Another way in which Event Staffing Solutions can have a positive impact is by providing jobs for the local community. Whenever a large event such as a concert or music festival arrives in a local area many jobs are often available for event staff and temporary workers and this can help locals to the area gain work experience and possibly part time employment through an agency as a direct result of the concert/festival. On the other hand negative implications that can result from poorly managed Event Staffing Solutions could be antisocial behaviour and littering. Unfortunately at some events lapses in security can lead to antisocial behaviour and alcohol being smuggled into events. This can cause problems for the local community as it sets a bad example and can lead to disruption for the locals.