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Cheap Driving Lessons Glasgow: Can I Afford To Drive?

Cheap Driving Lessons Glasgow: Can I Afford To Drive?

Learning to drive can be expensive. Many people turn 17 and want to be on the road ASAP. However, the cost of drawn-out lessons can be a killer. Therefore, it’s important to looks for answers and alternatives. We have decided to lay out the costs of learning to drive in an easy and simple format. This will mean you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Read on to find out how to find cheap driving lessons Glasgow.

Costs Before You Start Driving

Before you even start driving, there are costs.

First up we have your provisional license. In order to qualify for this, you must be at least 15 years and nine months old. If you apply online, you can save a bit of money. It will cost you £34 at this stage. It’s recommended, as applying by post costs £43!

Cheap Driving Lessons Glasgow

Costs Of Learning To Drive

Once you have your provisional license, and you have turned 17, you can start the process of learning to drive. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recommends that you have at least 47 hours’ worth of lessons before sitting your practical driving test. On average, in the UK a driving lesson costs around £24. This means you can spend up to (or over) £1,128 on lessons!

It is recommended that you invest in L plates too, but these are only £1/2.

Costs Of Driving Tests (Both Of Them)

Hurrah! The lessons are done and it’s time to sit your tests. The theory test should be first and will test you on your knowledge and hazard perception skills. It will set you back a solid £23.

Then finally we have the practical test. This is the killer. This test itself costs £62. If you pass then well done! If not, then at least the practical test is the only thing you have to pay for again (besides a few more lessons perhaps).

If you pass, then another £2 will get you some P plates. Warn the other road users that you’re hitting the road.

Cheap Driving Lessons Glasgow

Where To Find Cheap Driving Lessons Glasgow

All in all. This whopping adventure will cost over £1,250. You could buy a second-hand car for that! However, for cheap driving lessons Glasgow, why not buy a block? Even better, why not do the whole process in a matter of weeks? By taking part in a week-long intensive driving course, like those run by All Pass Driving, you can save yourself possibly hundreds of pounds.