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Most Common Symptoms Of An STI

There is a reason why safe sex is always encouraged, and that is due to the consequence of an STI. 

You may not know that several organisms present in your genitals can be dangerous. The worst part is that if you have an STI, you can transfer or acquire it from your partner. In addition, STIs are not restricted to sexual contact. There are chances that someone may acquire this through contact with body fluids or contaminated needles. 

This post will bring the most common symptoms of STIs under the spotlight. On finding any of the below-mentioned symptoms, you should immediately acquire an STI test for an official diagnosis and urgent treatment.

The Most Common STI Symptoms:

Asymptomatic infections are the reason why most people remain undiagnosed. Due to the lack of obvious symptoms, people are unaware that they need an STI test and treatment. An undiagnosed STI patient is a live bomb that can spread the infection unknowingly.  

Whether it is bacteria, virus, or parasite, every microorganism has pathognomonic signs indicating the disease. But some infections share some common symptoms in both genders. Some of the general indications are as follows:

Symptoms In Men:

Following are the most common symptoms in men which can act as an alarming signs:

1.      Itching:

The first indication that you have acquired a sexually transmitted infection is having an uncomfortable feeling around your reproductive organ. People usually consider it normal due to sweating or hairs in the pubic region, but it’s not like that.

Sometimes, the itching turns into a burning sensation and causes discomfort to the patient. Hence it’s better to take it seriously rather than consider it normal.

2.      Sores and Blisters:

Blisters may appear around the penis or on the scrotum. They may be watery or puss-filled and, on rupture, may become painful. In addition, the fluid may have pathogenic organisms, so avoid touching it.

The sores are not site restricted. Other sites of these sores include the anus and mouth. It may be because of oral or anal sex.

3.      Genital Pain:

The third frequently observed indication of STI is a pain in your genitals. It may lead to blood and mucous discharge from the genital area or lumps may form in that region.

Most Common Symptoms in Females:

Here are the most common symptoms of STI in females

1.      Painful Sex:

It is reported frequently by women suffering from STIs that they experience pain and discomfort during sex. This is a common symptom and is usually one of the first signs that an infection is present.

2.      Frequent Urination:

The patient faces the urge of frequent urination when infected with an STI. Although this can be commonly linked to any urinary tract problem, it cannot be neglected as a sign of STI.

3.      Unpleasant Odor:

An STI that may have been left untreated can usually form an unpleasant or abnormal odor in women. As this is also a common symptom of bacterial and yeast infections, it is best to acquire an STI test for official diagnosis to ensure the symptoms are treated as quickly as possible.

Final Words

It is the obligatory duty of the person to not risk anyone by hiding the symptoms. Immediately consult your doctor, share your signs and symptoms, and go for an STI test. Getting diagnosed will help you initiate treatment at an early stage.