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uPVC Windows Cumbernauld: A Brief Guide

Choosing the right windows for your home can be a difficult decision. Before choosing uPVC Windows in Cumbernauld here are some factors to consider beforehand:

What Are uPVC Windows?

 uPVC stands for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride and is a material made from plastic. It is a hard plastic frame and is a very common choice among homeowners. They come with many benefits, styles and colours to suit any home.

Why Choose uPVC Windows in Cumbernauld?

There is a style to suit everyone

  • In more recent years, these windows can be bought in many different colours and styles in order to suit any home. Homeowners are not limited to choosing classic white, which has boosted the popularity.

They add security

  • These windows are incredibly sturdy and can include a lock mechanism. Often people will opt for a double-glazed uPVC window to increase the security even more.

Increases property value

  • Due to the benefits associated with the windows, they can add value to a property. Windows are often a great selling point, which is why installing new, high-quality ones can boost the likelihood of selling.

Great insulation

  • If fitted professionally and correctly, the frame of these windows will provide great heat insulation. This will keep your home warm during the winter months. In addition, this can save money on heating bills.


  • uPVC window frames are long lasting and require little maintenance. The material is made to deal with extreme weather conditions as well as providing protection against UV rays.

When Should You Replace Old Windows?

Like everything, over long periods of time, things need replacing. Windows are no different; after years of being installed you may notice some signs that they need replacing.

Wooden window frames can rot over time and rainwater can make this affect worse. It can be difficult to repair rotten wood. Double glazing windows can also start to fail over long periods of time simply due to wear and tear. This can result in condensation, cracks, temperature change etc.

Windows that need replacing may also become difficult to open or close. Over time the mechanism on windows and doors become less effective which results in operation difficulty. If your windows are constantly being banged closed, eventually this will cause more damage.

Drafts are another reason why you may find you need to replace your windows. During cold, winter months, it is common for high winds to pick up. Windows may be letting in drafts which have a knock-on effect on your energy bills.

Final Words

When choosing uPVC windows in Cumbernauld, it is important to know their benefits and what they can offer your property. There are many styles to suit you and can be a great addition for value purposes if you are thinking of selling. Get in touch with a professional today and choose the right uPVC style for you.