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Property Maintenance Glasgow- What Are The Obstacles?

Property Maintenance Glasgow- What Are The Obstacles?

Within Glasgow city there are a large number of properties which vary in age and size from older listed buildings to brand new builds such as student apartments.  When It comes to Property Maintenance Glasgow has a number of challenges that buildings in other areas may not necessarily face to the same extent. Especially properties built on the banks of the river Clyde.  In order to effectively manage property maintenance a number of different factors need to be taken into account such as cost , work required and the period of time it may take to fix the problems.

Property Maintenance Glasgow

Issues that can affect Property Maintenance Glasgow

Within the property market there are a number of issues that can arise with properties that are directly linked to property maintenance. Proper preventive measures as well as property surveys and assessments can prevent problems from becoming worse over time and also identify issues that may become more serious in the future.

  1. Rising Damp is an issue that can affect a large range of properties and can seriously weaken structures as well as their heat retention.  One of the most common causes of rising damp is poor drainage around a property. However for some properties in Glasgow this can also be attributed to the River Clyde. Properties on the Riverbank are much more susceptible to excess moisture and as a result this can lead to a variety of different issues and types of damp and moisture within the property.
  2. Another Issue that can affect Property Maintenance is lack of property surveys are checkups. Having a property surveyed every few years for any existing issues can help to identify any problems that are already existing within a property that may not have been identified. For example a property could have an infestation of wood worm and this may not have been noticed by the property owner until a professional had surveyed the property
  3.  Leaks within a property are a sign of negligent Property maintenance . These can lead to structural damage as well as damage to items and  personal possessions

Property Maintenance Glasgow

Measures To Maintain A Property And Combat Property Damage

When it comes to ensuring a property is safe and secure , a number of methods and techniques can be employed in order to tackle existing issues as well as prevent them from re-occurring

  • A way in which a property can be maintained is by ensuring that Damp does not enter or build up within a property. A good way to ensure that this does not happen is by ensuring the property is well ventilated in order to rid the property of damp and condensation
  • Another way in which a property can be maintained is by making sure that locks and door handles as well as other fittings are all functioning well and correctly. If they are loose or missing fittings they may be worth replacing
  • Purchasing a dehumidifier fan or extractor fan can also assist in ventilating  a property. This can help prevent , mould , damp and moisture buildup